Stair Rover skateboard effortlessly glides down stairs

by 7 years ago

Staircases are the natural enemy of the skater. But there’s no enemy that can’t be conquered with a little engineering, as the Stair Rover shows us.

Of course, there’s a short film that’s long on filters and short on actual video, but there’s enough to get the point across.

The four sets of wheels are attached to a Y-bar that can freely rotate as need. This allows them to drop when they hit a ledge and keep rolling. The result is that your board “walks” down the stairs, with the wheels never losing contact with the ground, keeping you on the board as you go down. The ingenious part is that the momentum is largely preserved, but you lose just enough speed that you don’t lose control, as you can see from the video. Needless to say, it’s also useful for curbs and other low drops. It won’t, however, climb stairs.

It’s not a perfect solution, since obviously steeper sets of stairs will still trip you up. Still, it’s an interesting and clever design, and we have no doubt skate rats will be all over it.

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