If ‘Star Fox’ X ‘Metroid’ sounds crazy, how about ‘Left 4 Dead’ X ‘Payday’?

by 6 years ago

Over the weekend, a pair of totally wacky and impossible to believe video game pair-ups were rumored. And it turns out, one of them is actually legit?

First off, the Paul Gale Network was the first to report something called Star Fox – Metroid: Fusion Saga for the Wii U, which would combine both IPs into a game that would have both first and third person perspective, depending on whom you’re controlling.

Furthermore, there’s areal combat, and it’s being produced by Retro Studio, the party behind Metroid Prime. Again, everyone’s intergalactic bounty hunting hottie and every furry’s fave Nintendo character will be sharing breathing space. Sounds like a load of bull, right?

Well, it comes from an absolutely no name outlet (run by a guy that likes to pretend that he’s a real life Street Fighter character). But this same person was the very first to break news of that lousy Smash Bros rip off from Sony, so maybe there’s some validity to such news?

Meanwhile, the makers of Payday: The Heist, that first person co-op bank robbing sim that came out late last year to a certain degree of acclaim, have announced a “blend” of that game and Left 4 Dead, which everyone knows as that four player co-op zombie killing sim.

Sounds… interesting to say the least. We’ll definitely hear about both, if the former actually exists that is, at E3.

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