‘StarFox’ factoids can be surprisingly morbid

by 7 years ago

It’s all fine and dandy, until it gets to the part about footwear.

I consider myself a diehard Starfox fan, so I was eager to see if Do You Know Gaming?‘s latest would actually tell me something that I didn’t know about the franchise.

And right off the back, seeing actual footage of the cancelled Virtual Boy version, which I had only heard about, was pretty neat. So a big thumbs up just one minute in.

But then comes the part in which everyone’s lower appendages are addressed, and it immediately turns into something that’s genuinely disturbing, especially for a Nintendo game circa the early 90s, and starring furry animals.

Best part is how it then moves onto some other factoids that one could give a rat’s ass about. Like anything could ever top the bizarre revelation that everyone’s legs have been amputated, to deal with blood pressure in space. Jesus Christ.

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