13 women on Twitter who won’t be taking part in Steak and BJ Day

by 7 years ago
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Steak and BJ Day is a vestige of the stupid beer commercial/shock jock type of thought that was "cool" in the late 90s, a fake holiday on March 14th designed to coax women into giving men their equivalent of Valentine's Day. But for some reason, it trended on Twitter today. Many bro-fives ensued. Here are 13 women who were most vocal in their response to Steak and BJ Day.

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I respect her decision if she's in a relationship. I find her to be an attention seeking bore if she isn't. There are no shades of grey.

Hopefully it isn't a Texas-sized porterhouse for Dad, his friend Jim, and the Harlem Globetrotters.

For as little as I believe in this non-holiday, frankly, I'm disappointed in the lack of slutty behavior coming from someone using a bevy of non-traditional emoticons in a single tweet.

Tea bags? I hope she means actual bags of tea. Either way, I'm assuming this guy won't make it through the rigorous Boyfriend of the Year application criteria.

Well, here's a potentially willing subject offering sexual favors for goods. I see no way that broadcasting that on a social media platform could go wrong. None at all.

For the record, "didn't know what it meant" doesn't necessarily mean she's not giving out blowie jays like candy. She may call them Mouth Blasters or Lip Numbers, but that doesn't mean they're not being given.

Says the girl who's covering her eye.

Isn't there some idiom about it being better to give than receive? Anyway, ol' Harrisflyer has nobody to blame but himself. Get your girl roses in the hopes she'll be dumb enough to listen to a Twitter trending topic holiday. It's called foresight, bro.

That is some dedication to avoid doing something for your husband. Hopefully his secretary at least gave him a cheesesteak and a handy.

I say this with no knowledge of this gal but I would wager A LOT of money that this girl is absolutely disgusting and possibly reeking of a French Onion soup odor.

As if people needed more reasons to dislike vegans.

Something tells me that her husband isn't opposed. "Oh, no, we're cool honey. A chicken sandwich and a high five work. I'm going to stay in the garage a while longer though, okay sweetie?" *tightens noose*

You tell us. Has anyone ever actually done this? Post your story in the comments. This is a safe place without judgment.*

*there may be some judgment

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