Steam is coming to your living room

by 7 years ago

Steam calls it their Big Picture, and it lets you enjoy the games you normally play while hunched over your laptop screen, but kicking it on the couch instead.

All you need is to be able to get your PC’s content onto your HD set, which itself is somewhat tricky. From there’s the Big Picture interface takes over, which is a complete redesign of the Steam interface, made simplified for TV navigation.

Kotaku has a nice little walk through of the actual interface. Seems very much like the 360 dash, except even simpler. Though the means to compose messages has to go.

So what does this mean really? Well, no more, slightly gimped console ports of PC games! But that also means all the headaches that comes with installing and figuring out the right drivers is now coming to the masses. Sorry, but I’ll still take the former, thank you very much.

No word yet on the official release, but those with Windows Vista (really?) 7, and 8 can nab the beta this second.

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