‘Steel Battalion Heavy Armor’ for Kinect lets you control a robot tank

by 7 years ago

I love the Kinect, but not so much the majority of games available for the platform. Sure Dance Central 1 & 2 are both excellent, but there has to be more than just dancing if it’s ever to thrive and survive. That’s where Steel Battalion Heavy Armor comes in.

It’s the sequel to what’s easily the most hardcore mecha (which is a catch-all term for anything related to giant robots, especially from Japan) video game ever devised, for the original Xbox, which made a name for itself with a custom controller that had 40 some odd buttons on it.

Many had been hoping for a next gen sequel, but even the most hardcore knew that no one would dare produce another behemoth of a peripheral. So Heavy Armor solves that by completely doing away with the previous interface.

The result, quite honest, is not half bad. It definitely worked for me, when I played the demo at PAX East. And another has just went live on the XBLA marketplace. Could also be the same one that’s been at trade shows, not sure, since I don’t have a Kinect at home.

But so long as Kinect games keep coming that doesn’t require one to cut the rug (which just isn’t feasible in my tiny Manhattan apartment), the platform has a real chance for longevity. And hence why Steel Battalion Heavy Armor might be one of its most important releases to date, when all is said and done.

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