Did Stephanie McMahon pee herself at ‘Payback’? You be the judge

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Stephanie McMahon Payback

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After taking a hard shot across the face from Brie Bella at Payback, Stephanie McMahon retreated to the locker room area.

Did she do it with undies full of urine?

Here’s a shot taken from the video feed from last night’s Payback PPV and posted to Twitter.

Stephanie McMahon peed

Fans and viewers seemed to think the photo was solid proof. But not so fast…

Later in the show, Stephanie cut an angle selling the Brie Bella slap. If the head of The Authority really did tinkle in her drawers, would she leave the dress on for a few hours? Probably not. The “stain” was said to be just a lighting angle issue.

It looks like Triple H remains the only person in the family to piss himself on live TV.

[via WrestlingInc]

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