‘Stone Enjoy By 09.21.12 IPA’ is beer with a 35-day deadline

by 6 years ago

No need to wonder how long your beer can sit in the fridge before the flavor starts diminishing. Stone Enjoy By 09.21.12 IPA tells you right in the name when you should drink it.

Admit it, you have no f’ing clue how to handle a tiny date printed on a bottle. Is that a born on date? Sell by? Use by? It’s a year old but will it still get me drunk? All of your problems have been solved by Stone Brewing with one simple beer. Enjoy By 09.21.12 IPA is meant to be consumed before, you guessed it, Sept. 21st. The ideal time frame for an IPA, especially a huge double, is 35 days, and that’s exactly how long you get. After that the bottle pulls a Inspector Gadget and self-destructs.

They are also doing something unique in which they are sending specific batches to specific regions. All of the beers in a batch go directly from the bottling line to the distributor. This is to help ensure people have enough time to get their hands on the brews and drink them before the due date. Chicago, New Jersey and SoCal get the first three batches. The rest is up to you!

Since Stone Enjoy By 09.21.12 IPA is a very limited release, Stone Brewing Co. will measure “buzz” for the beer through the company’s social media platforms: Facebook,Twitter, Instagram (StoneBrewingCo) and the Enjoy By IPA website. Fans of the beer will be able to express their desire to get Stone Enjoy By IPA back in their city by using any or all of these. Hopheads are encouraged to comment, tweet, Instagram, and share with fellow hop enthusiasts in real time, all in one place….ohh, did we mention go towww.stonebrewing.com/enjoyby/?

*My apologies to the folks at Stone. They’re sticklers for proper names, but the official versions aren’t in the press room. I think I nailed it though.

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