Stormfly puts a computer on your wrist, lets you browse undetected at work

A lot of technology, right now, is focused on dragging your computer around with you in smaller forms. Phones that plug into docks and become computers, uploading everything to the cloud, tablets with covers that turn into keyboards…

But we have a lot of computers sitting around already: What if the crucial stuff was just on your wrist? And you could boot it from literally any computer and see your stuff with no cloud to worry about reaching?

That’s the idea behind Stormfly, a Kickstarter:

Basically, Stormfly is a 16GB flash drive with three parts: A 4GB shared folder that stores your data, 4GB for the user’s home base, and 8GB for the operating system. Essentially, you plug it into a computer, turn the computer on, follow a few prompts and enter a few passwords, and you’re using the hardware of the computer, but your own software.

If this sounds familiar, you’ve probably installed Ubuntu: It is similar to installing Linux off a USB stick. The difference is that your apps and your data don’t vanish when you shut down. It’s also got 128-bit encryption, and doesn’t leave any data on the host computer, so, if you want to, say, look up stuff at work and not get caught? This would be the perfect solution.

Currently one will run you $60 on the Kickstarter page.

Stormfly [Kickstarter]