‘Street Fighter X Mega Man’ is an unofficial thing that just became official

by 7 years ago

Remember how I said Capcom doesn’t give a rat’s ass about Mega Man? Turns out, I was incorrect.

Either that or Capcom knows how stupid they look, for snubbing their once beloved mascot as much as they have. But especially this year, since it’s his 25th birthday and all. Hence we have Street Fighter X Mega Man

What’s the story here? The above is the result of a particularly ballsy fan who decided to show what he was doing to Capcom, despite their history of putting the kabosh on such things (in their’s defense, they’re not the only ones who protect their IPs).

But instead of getting pissed at yet another reminder of how they haven’t done jack with the Mega Man license (despite a loud and clear voice from fans that they’re ready to throw their money at Capcom for more games), it is instead going to be distributed by the publisher this upcoming Saturday, which is his official 25th anniversary.

So good job Capcom? Still doesn’t make up for Mega Man Legends 3 getting canceled, scaring off its creator, and Resident Evil 6 being such a sh*t fest (yes that’s nothing to do with Mega Man, but I really don’t like the comany these days). My only question is this: is it canon?

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