Stretchy Bowl keeps fruit fresh, packs flat

by 7 years ago

If you have an apartment, and eat remotely healthily, you probably have fruit that’s a pain in the ass to store. You probably also, if you spend a weekend away, come home to discover rotten fruit in your fruit bowl. The Stretchy Bowl admirably solves both problems.

Stretchy Bowl It’s actually an ingenious idea: a circle of stretchy, breathable fabric secured to a metal loop and supported by a foldable stand. Dump fruit onto the cloth and it stretches, allowing you to fit lots of fruit. The breathable fabric keeps the fruit fresher longer as all sides are equally exposed to air, and when you’re out of fruit and need some space in your kitchen, it folds up and just be shoved somewhere until you need it again.

The one down side is that it isn’t a multi-purpose bowl: you can really only use it to store your fruit. But on the bright side, the ability of it to fold up and go away means that if you’re living in a cramped apartment, you can save just a little more space.

Stretchy Bowl is A Bowl That Expands as You Add Fruit [NotCot]

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