Stripper poles and chickens found in ‘Tekken Tag Tournament 2’

by 6 years ago

As also noted the other day, when trading in my copy of Resident Evil 6, I put it towards Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Otherwise known as the best idea ever, aka the best fighting game this year.

Aside from the gigantic cast, super deep yet totally accessible gameplay, and 20,000 other reasons why the latest Tekken is so damn awesome, there’s the ultra wacky custom items that one can acquire when cashing in points acquired, from basically every little you do.

While most are for purely decorative purposes, some can be utlized in the heat of battle. And in some cases, they can inject a bit of baseball in the middle of all that punching and kicking, or remind one’s self that Desperado was a pretty neat movie…

Here’s another clip, a bit older, but still worth catching, if only for the aforementioned stripper pole action. Though fans of backyard wrestling, Jackie Chan, and Star Wars might also be interested…

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