Study: 1 in 5 men have a secret email account for shady emails

by 6 years ago

Are you the type of guy who keeps an extra email account just to hide things from your girlfriend or wife? You are the 20 percent.


The study, conducted by antivirus software company Bullguard, found that in addition to the 20 percent of men who have a secret email account, one in 20 also keep a secret cell phone to hide their activities from a loved one.

Less shocking results included the finding that 77 percent of men admit to deleting texts in case their significant other checks their phone and 66 percent of men refuse to share their passwords with their lady.

For comparison’s sake, a 1998 study from the University of California-Berkley says that 24% of men cheat in a married relationship.

Rather than focus on the negative — and assuming these numbers are on the up and up — let’s salute those extra four percent of guys who cheat on their wife and don’t even try hiding the evidence. “Well, I cheated on my wife and I’d feel awful about it if she found out. Buuuuut who has time to go clicking things and remembering to shower afterwards. If she finds out, more power to her.”

Those guys are the real heroes.

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