New study shows men like their women drunk and/or asleep

by 7 years ago

Flickr/Katie Tegtmeyer

A new study out of the University of Texas at Austin suggests that men are attracted to women who appear drunk, stupid, and sleepy, because they’re much easier to take home for a one-night stand. The study tested 76 male students, which I guess is enough to make sweeping generalizations about mankind, and found that they were more likely to rate a woman as “attractive” if she displayed qualities that made her look easily exploitable.

The theory behind this is nothing new: men possess these bountiful ball sacs full of manseed and they need a place to put it. Women are usually more cautious (since, ya know, that whole “childbirth” thing..), and therefore men are more apt to seek out the ones who have their defenses down. And, like, it’s pretty tough to say no when you’re sleeping… amirite…?!?

Basically what you need to be taking away from this study is nothing. It’s an observation someone took and associated with a biased theory to make it look like science. If you’re going after sleepy girls, you’ll probably continue to do so. If you weren’t, I don’t recommend trying it out just because 76 men in Texas did. Something tells me it might come off a tad rapey.

Why men like ‘dumb-looking’ women [Daily Mail]

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