Study — Women raise more money on Kickstarter because boobs


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If you want someone to donate to your Kickstarter, you best have a vagina.

A new study shows that women are way more successful than men when it comes to raising money for their special projects on Kickstarter.

The study, authored by two men from New York University and University of Pennsylvania, respectively, found that women are much better at raising cash on the crowd funding website.

Greenberg and Mollick analyzed 1,250 Kickstarter projects, dividing them into categories of those whose founders and backers tended to be male (technology, gaming), tended to be female (fashion, children’s books), and were about even (film). They didn’t examine any projects with goals under $5,000, endeavors they suspected were liable to have received biased backing from family and friends.

Here’s a handy breakdown of the most popular Kickstarter categories and how badly men get dominated in each.


Now, I made a joke in the headline that women get more Kickstarter funding because of looks (specifically breasts). That was obviously a joke, but, women can no longer deny that it’s a little easier for them to get men to open their wallets at certain times. The proof is in the pudding that looks just like a graph (pictured above).

The most amazing stat above is in the tech category, a field where women don’t usually have the easiest timesince men are too stupid to recognize a woman can compete (or excel) in the field. So women are forced to start their own projects. Honestly, good for them.

If you’re a woman with a solid company or product idea, get on Kickstater and watch the money pour in. If you’re a guy, get on Kickstarter, but hire I woman to do all the hard work.

[via The Atlantic]

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