This Summer’s Eve ad about men has got feminist types all sorts of angry

by 5 years ago

Summer’s Eve is a product designed for women, obviously. But their new ad showing a man trying it out, only to have his entire sexual identity thrown into question, is pissing women off for an entirely different reason.

Jezebel in particular seems to be annoyed at Summer’s Eve existence, claiming that the company “sells products that are entirely unnecessary, potentially harmful for the genitals and come with an active history of vagina-shaming.” [ED. NOTE: Vagina-Shaming is also the name of my new ska-EDM hybrid band, not relation.] And they’re right; Summer’s Eve is best known for douching products, something that can actively harm women if used at all, let alone in excess.

but this commercial? It’s finally the perfect marriage of something that seems dumb to angry women AND men. I certainly get that the trope of “the boyfriend/husband is an idiot” is an easy one for commercials and sitcoms to use ad nauseam. But this is a dude freaking out over soap? I mean I’m still more offended by the fact that the chick in the commercial had to say “for your V” but still.

Anyway, sorry about your vagina cooties, bro.