Supposed Xbox 720 details released to the wild

by 7 years ago

Time once again to sift through alleged leaked info regarding an upcoming console, the next Xbox in this instance. And there’s a ton of data to consider; 56 pages to be exact.


It’s basically a presentation that surfaced over the weekend, on the popular gaming message board NeoGAF. One that is rather old, two years to be exact, and whose claims are totally within the realm of probability. The fact that Microsoft’s lawyers immediately had it yanked also has led many to believe that it was legit.

It was supposedly Microsoft’s console plans for the year 2013 and beyond, which called for the “Xbox 720” to launch alongside a “Kinect ver 2” (hardly a shocker). It’ll retail for $299 (again, no surprise here), plays games that are “4x – 6x” better looking than the 360’s (makes sense), and have a Blu-ray drive (um, what? that’s Sony tech).

You also have some kind of augmented reality functionality in the form of glasses called “Fortaleza”, which is not only tied into the console, but TVs, PCs, and smart phones. Sorry, I’m ignorant of the details; the presentation was yanked before I could check it out. All we have left are slides that were copy and pasted before the whole thing disappeared, like this one…


There is also mention of tech that would later be revealed to be the SmartGlass that was part of Microsoft’s E3 presser, as illustrated at the very top. But some faker could have just used that to make the ruse seem all the more authentic.

Oh, another detail that got everyone’s attention was the mention of OnLive, which was listed as “potential acquisition target”. Makes sense given how cloud gaming is all the rage, especially these days.

It also predicts the existence of the Wii’s successor by this point, which they just call the Wii 2 (a much, much better than the Wii U, amirite) and how the PS4 be some kind of Google TV-like service. Which, honestly, won’t be such a surprise if that ends up being the case.

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