Tacocopter is fake…for now; but could it happen?

by 8 years ago

The Internet went crazy for Tacocopter in the last week or so, only to experience a massive letdown when it was discovered that A) drone technology isn’t up to snuff and B) the FAA wouldn’t allow it in the first place anyway. But the dream still lingers…food, ordered from your phone, delivered straight to you.

tacocopterCan it happen? More importantly, will it?

Technologically speaking, Tacocopter will eventually be a possibility. The problem is simply one of battery capacity and materials: current quadrotor drones can only lift a small amount of weight and fly a short distance with it. But drone strength and battery design are improving all the time. Drones have all sorts of applications, and can solve all sorts of problems, so there’s a lot of money in researching and constructing lighter drones that haul more weight and fly farther.

Legally speaking, it’s trickier. The FAA isn’t really equipped to deal with small, unmanned commercial vehicles, and there are other questions: for example, if a Tacocopter crashes into a building, who’s liable for the damage?

But these are easy to solve, really: if the money’s there, the problems will be solved.

So, Tacocopter won’t happen tomorrow. But there’s hope that soon, flights of tacocopters may fill the sky, delivering deliciousness to us all.

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