UNC scandal involving Tyler Hansbrough’s mom

by 7 years ago
Tami Hansbrough


All eyes are on North Carolina yet again as another scandal has rocked the school. This one has nothing to do basketball or football but rather a former player’s mom receiving some extra benefits from her boss. A boss that happened to be her boyfriend.

The woman in question is Tami Hansbrough, the mother of Tyler Hansbrough, who worked as a fundraiser for the dental school. Her boss is former UNC quarterback Matt Kupec. Here’s the Raleigh News and Observer with more details.

Thorp confirmed that a dental foundation audit later found that during that championship run, Tami Hansbrough had been traveling to cities in which Tyler Hansbrough was playing basketball. But Thorp said those foundation-paid trips were legitimate because she was raising money for the university, and UNC fans traveling to those games would have been good candidates to make donations.

Fine. Ok, maybe that’s a plausible excuse. But there’s more juicy details.

In mid-2010, Kupec sought to hire a fundraiser. By then, Kupec was in a relationship with Hansbrough, Thorp said, and Thorp had heard that she might be interested in the job. When Thorp learned that she would be reporting to Kupec in the new job, Thorp told Kupec he could not hire her because it would violate the university’s nepotism policy since they were in a relationship.

The position disappeared and was never filled. A short time later, another fundraising position surfaced, only this time it reported to Winston Crisp, who is the vice chancellor for student affairs. Thorp said he had supported the position being created.

Certainly not the worst scandal in sports but with the Eye of Sauron directing its gaze on Chapel Hill, this is probably the last thing the institution needed.

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