‘Tecmo Super Bowl 2013’ is finally here

by 6 years ago

Time once again to toss your copy of Madden to the curb, because the super football sim, Tecmo Super Bowl, is back in all its 8bit glory, and with an up to date roster.

Tecmo Super Bowl 13

Remember Tecmo Super Bowl 2012? Well, the new NFL season is finally upon us, which another excuse to hack an all-time classic ROM. With Tecmo Bowl 2013 being the end result.

What’s in the game exactly? Well, you have a roster that’s as current as last Sunday (9/2/12), plus all 32 teams, adjustable quarter length, in-game playbook editing, half-time stats, enhanced passing accuracy and control, plus various bug fixes from last year’s version.

To nab a copy, simply head on over here.

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