‘Tekken Tag Tournament 2’ swimsuits are more scary than sexy

by 7 years ago

Yesterday I mentioned all the swimsuits that are coming to Tekken Tag Tournament 2, and here’s our first look. And it’s not nearly as pretty on the eyes as one would have initially guessed.

As you can see, not everyone is looking all that fine in their beach wear. The funky mens bottoms, by the way, are called fundoshi, which is traditional Japanese undergarment from back in the day.

But never-mind that; I’m talking about the gals. A few look nice, but the rest clearly do not. Some have rather mannish body types, mostly around the shoulders.

One could argue that it’s actually somewhat accurate; it’s foolish to assume that a woman who engages in fisticuffs with men will have a stick thin model’s frame. Though the more cynical might say that it has less to do with an accurate depiction of body types, and simply crappy character models.

I say it’s a little of both.

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