Ten Count is a punching bag that gives you workout data

by 6 years ago

So, you box for exercise and for the pleasure of imagining you’re decking that guy who cut you off on the freeway. But how do you measure the force of your punches, the speed, how you’re doing over time?

The Ten Count lets you do just that.

Essentially, it’s a punching bag full of pressure sensors and a Bluetooth antenna. As you hit the bag, the sensors measure how many punches per second you’re landing and how hard those punches hit. Once you’re done with your workout, you can upload the data to pretty much anything with a Bluetooth function and take a look.

Here’s the pitch video:

This may sound pretty basic, but it’s actually pretty useful, especially as you collect the data over time and get a sense of where you’re improving and where you’re stagnating. If your diet, routine, or other factors change, you’ll also be able to see the impact of these changes over time.

Right now it’s in the pitch stage at IndieGoGo, so put down $300 and you can get a Ten Count of your very own.

Ten Count [IndieGoGo]

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