That guy who microwaves electronics got a Wii U

by 6 years ago

If you’ve spent any part of your day trying to track down an increasingly difficult to get (at least for a reasonable price) Wii U, why not take a break by watching some guy totally destroy one?

Yup, it’s that same dude who previously microwaved a 3DS XL, and like before, you can also buy the remnants on eBay. As dovetastic explains:

“Working Nintendo Wii U Deluxe System was microwaved to NON-WORKING Order for purposes to CREATE ARTWORK”

It’s currently at 14 bids and is up to $3,490.03. Anyhow, and not surprisingly, the guy’s getting a ton of flack in the comments section:

“You have several problems, why dont you go see a doctor?”

“WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU? WHY DO YOU DO THAT!? Here in Venezuela we have to spend almost 1000$ to buy that wiiu that you are burning because some kind of “artistic reasons”! why do you put expensive stuff on a microwave? i want to see you microwaving your penis because of the art! STUPID ASSHOLE!”

“This guy who did this…was raped by Elmo……..cut the fuck face some slack……”

“Hahha so much hate but who the hell cares its a fucking wii!!”

… Okay, maybe not everyone is that upset. Also, there’s a surprising amount of constraint as well; I’m shocked that no one has taken any potshots as it pertains to dovetastic’s garb and ethnicity, thank goodness.

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