10 of the most racist food products ever

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Racist Food Products

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People associate a lot of foods with different ethnicities, but what about when the food itself gets racist? You’d be hard pressed to find anything more racist than these 10 most racist food products ever.

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10 Redskins

Nestle has been selling this racist candy for decades. Why would such a product be called Redskins? Because they are red and taste like raspberries (just like real Native Americans). Somehow, these candies are still available today.

9 Mountain Dew

If you thought a food racist against white people was impossible, think again. When first released, Mountain Dew was conceived as a “zero proof moonshine” with a decidedly hillbilly advertising slant. Due to the derogatory connotations of these stereotypical images, the Dew distanced itself from the mountain folk slant in 1973.

8 Eskimo Pie

You may disagree with this one, but “Eskimo” is considered a derogatory term among natives of Canada and Greenland. The preferred term is “Inuit.” As such, it’s just as offensive as calling a little person a midget.

7 Negro Head Oysters

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. The spokesperson isn’t just a stereotypical racial image – it’s a MAN IN BLACK-FACE! When your product artist can’t even stomach the idea of DRAWING a black man, that’s pretty racist.

6 Deb El Just Whites

Oh, Deb El. Where other companies resort to using subversive imagery, you just come right out and say it. There’s no mistaking it – this product is 100-percent white.

5 Darkie Toothpaste

This lovely product sports another blackface logo. Interestingly, this product was sold in China until 1985. I’m not really sure who their target market was (racists?), but when Colgate bought the toothpaste company in 1984, they changed the name (cleverly, to Darlie), and reworked the logo so the man looks both white and black at the same time. Though the American name has been changed, the Cantonese version of the toothpaste – Haak Yahn Nga Gou – still literally translates to “Black Man Toothpaste.”

4 Land O’Lakes

It’s not enough that the white man stole their land and deliberately gave them blankets infected with smallpox, now they’ve misappropriated the Native American heritage to sell dairy products. The Land O’Lakes Indian has been offending Native Americans since 1921.

3 Obama Waffles

Back during the 2008 election, this unsightly imitation of Waffle Crisp was sold by a vendor during a conservative fundraising event. Creators of the cereal claim the cereal is political satire. However, it’s pretty hard to defend a picture of Obama wearing a turban as anything but racist.

2 Gookie

Who would ever make a snack food that includes a derogatory term for Asians? Well, Asians apparently. Gookie is manufactured by a Taiwanese company (Want Want Foods), and sold in places such as Japan and Korea. Because the term is only derogatory in English, chalk this one up to poor translation.

1 Aunt Jemima

She’s been the face of pancake mix and syrup products since 1889. And though Quaker Oats has cleaned up her image to be less offensive over the years, there’s no doubt that Aunt Jemima was borne from a racial stereotype. Ads that gave her “colorful slang” only serve to increase the offensiveness. Despite all this, Aunt Jemima remains on shelves today – making her one of the longest running racist foods of all time.

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