The Autographer lets you show just how self-involved you are

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While I love the fact that smartphones and miniaturization have put a camera in the hands of literally every single human being on the planet, there’s one thing I hate about it. And that is the fact that most human beings seem to be convinced that every photo they take is a masterpiece and that every moment of their life, no matter how mundane, must be documented.


Photo Credit: Autographer

And boy are they going to love the Autographer. Meet the camera that’s about to make Facebook about a thousand percent worse.

The Autographer is essentially a small camera with a fish-eye lens and a bunch of sensors, such as an accelerometer and a magnetometer, to detect when circumstances change and when to take a picture. It’s neat in theory, and I can see it having some effective uses for citizen journalism and other applications, but the reality is it’s designed to cater to the self involved.

At the end of the day, you dump the photos onto Facebook or into a smartphone and see what you got.

Adding to the impression that this is designed to rip off the vain? The fact that this is essentially a GoPro HD Hero 2, a very nice and tough little camera that runs you $200, with more sensors and a funny name. And an inflated price: This’ll run $650 when it’s released in the US.

Autographer [Official Site]

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