Finally, Hulk Hands meets a beer koozie

by 7 years ago

Can I just ask a question: when did we, as a species, get together and decide that a chunk of foam we stick our beer in to keep it cold should be called a koozie? Seriously, can you get a more colossally stupid name? It sounds like either something you call a guy’s sister to pick a fight or something a middle aged woman would name her cat.

hulk hands koozieAnyway, if we’re stuck with the name, at least the concept is OK, but it was lacking a method of both making you look stupid and turning it into something utterly inconvenient. Fortunately, the American novelty industry is here to solve both problems.

Meet the Beast. Yes, that’s a giant foam fist. With a hole in it. You are expected to stick your beer in that hole.

Here’s the thing: this thing can not be easy to drink from. It’s got to be a pain in the ass to set down when you actually have to do something with your right hand. And it probably doesn’t look that cool in photos, we’re just guessing here.

And all this can be yours for nineteen bucks! Yeah, we think we’ll save that for the beer itself, thanks.

“The Beast” [Gadgets and Gear]

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