‘The Brady Bunch’ heading back to TV

by 7 years ago
The Brady Bunch


Because we’re not allowed to have new ideas anymore, obviously. I’ve never understood the continued appeal of The Brady Bunch. It’s 2012, Octomom can squirt out a whole Brady Bunch all at once (minus the housekeeper). But there’s something about the family, created when a widowed architect with three kids married a woman (who was supposed to be divorced, but that was too saucy for TV in the late ’60s) with three of her own, that has captivated fans for generations. The property briefly made a comeback in a pair of well-received movies in the 90s, but now it’s headed back to TV.

Deadline is reporting that CBS is taking the plunge on a rebooted Brady Bunch, to be produced by Vince Vaughn. He’s teaming with Mike Mariano, who has hits My Name Is Earl and Raising Hope to his credit. The situation will be basically the same, with a few updates. Both Mom and Pop Brady will come to the marriage with three kids of their own, but they will also have a kid together. And because we can say the D word now, both of them are now divorced and their exes are still on the scene. And here’s the hook: the Dad is Bobby Brady, all grown up. What are the crazy-ass odds of that? Only in TV land.

The Brady Bunch isn’t the only retro show getting a reboot, as NBC is expected to haul out Mockingbird Lane, the Munsters update starring Portia De Rossi and Jerry O’Connell. And, of course, we just saw Charlie’s Angels crash and burn last season. What do you think? Is a family with seven kids even a big deal in a post-Jon And Kate Plus 8 world?

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