The Condom Challenge is all the rage for teens on YouTube

by 6 years ago

What’s the Condom Challenge that teen girls are doing on YouTube? It’s not the same as the Pepsi Challenge, fortunately. But it is bizarre…I won’t spoil it for you. Take a look.

The Condom Challenge meme blew up after YouTuber Shane Dawson took his own shot at it after seeing the original. So it’s all his fault.

Just to be clear, the version embedded above has 450,000 views and it’s been up for one week. Because she shoved a condom in her sinus and pulled it through her mouth. Remember how Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton got famous because of sex tapes and people were horrified that was a path to fame? Now you don’t even need to have any genitals involved. The Internet has made me sad today.

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