European Space Agency wants your car to use rocket fuel

by 6 years ago

We all want the Batmobile. It’s a simple truth. Batman never gets stuck in traffic, never gets pulled over by police, and if we’re going by the 1989 version of the Batmobile, has a massive rocket engine in the back perfect for lighting people on fire and driving really fast.

European Space Agency

European Space Agency

Now the European Space Agency is trying to make that a reality. Well, sorta.

The idea is that a car could run on rocket fuel. The dream of automakers has been, for years, to power cars on hydrogen. Hydrogen is cheap, burns clean, and abundant, being the simplest element in the universe and all.

The problem is that to stay in liquid form, it needs to be chilled to 33 degree above absolute zero, and the molecules are so tiny, they can slip past any seal.

So, the ESA, which powers its rockets with liquid nitrogen, has spent a lot of time thinking about this problem, and is adapting its rocket fuel systems to cars. Sadly, you won’t get a rocket engine in your sedan any time soon, but you’ll probably be able to spray freezing liquid at your friends, which is almost as good.

From Rocket Fuel To Clean Cars [ESA]

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