The Figure Eight wrench is the only wrench you need

by 8 years ago

I love tools. I’m not allowed near a hardware store unsupervised because I’ll walk out with five power tools and some hand tool that I will almost never use. What I don’t love is the space tools eat up. So any multi-function tool I’m automatically a fan of, and the Figure Eight wrench is as multifunction as wrenches get.

craftsman figure eight wrenchWeighing in a pound and a half, the Figure Eight is essentially the only wrench most people will need. It has all standard sizes of fasteners between 1/4 inch and 3/4 inch and it’ll take on 6-point, 4-point, 12-point, spline, torx and partially rounded hex fasteners.

I picked one up from Sears a few days ago and honestly, it’s been a godsend. It’s from Craftsman, obviously, and it lives up to that company’s reputation for reliability. It’s got enough heft that you’re not worried about putting too much force on it, but it’s also light enough to stick in your pocket. Flipping out the right socket and getting to work can be done with one hand if necessary. I do wish that both sockets could be flipped in, especially when working in tight spaces, but that’s a minor complaint.

In short, if you need a wrench and don’t have a lot of space, or just don’t want a socket set lying around, this is the wrench for you. It’ll run you $25.

Figure-Eight Wrench [Sears]

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