The final Wii U details are in

by 6 years ago

Nintendo revealed finalized launch plans for their brand new console, earlier this morning. A good deal of ground was covered, which we’re here to break it all down, into bite-sized pieces.

Let’s start at the very top:

– Nintendo’s Wii successor hits North American toy stores on shelves on November 18.

– You’ll have two versions of the hardware to choose from: There’s the Basic Set, which for $299 includes the console, one GamePad, AC adapters for both, a sensor bar, and HDMI cable. It’s also in white, but the most important detail is how there’s 8GB of internal storage.

Next you have the Deluxe Set for $349; the main difference is how it comes in black and has 32GB inside. Plus, along with everything mentioned above, you also get stands for both the system and controller, a cradle for the GamePad, and a copy NintendoLand thrown in.

Sorry, but Wii Sports it most definitely is not…

– There will be around 50 games available around launch window, most of which we’ve heard of before (and which are noted in the sizzle real at the very top). Though one legit surprise is Bayonetta 2, which is supposed to be a Wii U exclusive…

As for Nintendo, there are only two releases that truly stand out. New Super Mario Bros U, which looks like more of the same, but whatever right?

And the game formerly known as Project P-100 is now The Wonderful 101. Stupid name, but still looks like Pikmin mixed with super heroes, and is therefore awesome…

– Easily the biggest news was the Nintendo TVii reveal, which melds the console with the act of watching TV. First, it hooks into Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Instant, which is neat, but everyone does that at this point. But you can also watch regular programming, and even engage in real time polls and other social network-related activities…

Most interesting of all is its connection to TiVo, but the console itself is not a DVR; it simply talks to existing hardware you might already have. So the Wii U is just a hub, sorry. Though Nintendo claims that the TVii will be supported by virtually every US and Canadian cable and dish company out there, so there should be full compatibility across the board.

– Nintendo confirms that all Virtual Console and WiiWare games will transfer to the new console, thank goodness. Though GameCube support has been dropped (the lack of GC controller and memory card ports was the first big clue).

– Gamestop has just opened pre-orders for the Wii U. They’re also offering $50 for you to ditch your OG Wii with them (and I think they’re adding another $10 to sweeten the deal if you’re one of their PowerUp Rewards member). What a sweet deal, right? Actually, it’s not.

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