The first episode of ‘Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn’ has landed

by 6 years ago

The much heralded, big budgeted live action series that’s designed to be a precursor for the upcoming Halo 4 is here at last. And is it worth all the hype? Nope.

I didn’t exactly have high hopes when it was first teased back in July, and episode one is just as underwhelming as expected.

All my gripes from before are still applicable, though once more: it honestly doesn’t feel any different from the multitudes of other live action (and unofficial) live-action Halo YouTube tributes in existence already. Even with the ridiculously huge ten million dollar budget.

The special effects are decent, I suppose, but what’s up with the costumes? Specifically, the just big enough to look dorky helmets?

Also, the source material stars one of the greatest icons of modern gaming, who embodies that perfect mixture of relatability and mystery that’s absolutely impossible to recreate outside normal confines. Hence the desire to spotlight those under Master Chief’s shadow instead.

But going the route of a teen drama (with such an unlikable lead at the center of it all) is just lame, plain and simple. Also, the constant camera shaking is annoying, plus it’s just too long. But hey, everyone else seems to love Forward Unto Dawn, so maybe it’s just me?

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