The first ever WORLDSTAR fight involving alligators

by 4 years ago

alligator fight

I’ve been told that golfing in the south is a whole different animal. Scurrying into the woods because of snakes is a no-no—so too is hanging out near water hazards because of gators. I say this because I stumbled on this video of two gators going WORLDSTAR on each other in the middle of a fairway and OMG, this is most insane thing I’ve seen since that giraffe escaped the circus.

Alright, well this is just me but if I see two gators going toe-to-toe like that, I’m running in the other direction. I ain’t goin for no close up. Because that’s bullshit. You people in the south are crazy—and not just because of this. Like, in general. Because I watched Swamp People and that shit didn’t make sense to me.

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