The first Wii U commercial is exceptionally bad

by 6 years ago

Sure all the pre-orders are accounted for, but the long-term future of Nintendo’s new Wii U console is still in question; it’s going to need an exceptionally strong holiday season for that reason and more. So that’s where advertising comes in, but its first spot is more cringeworthy than anything else.

The above was first spotted by Kotaku and is for the UK market. There’s a 99.9% chance that in the US, we’ll get something different. And hopefully something better. Though it’s still worth dissecting.

Aside from the fact that you have a grown adult going “schpew, schpew, schpew” in a commercial designed to sell something that will cost $300 at the very least, it does an exceptionally bad job of getting across the idea of what the hell it is, period.

Granted, it’s tough trying to show both the game on the main screen and what’s transpiring on the GamePad’s smaller display, but I honestly can’t tell what the hell is going on. My only take away is how your girlfriend clearly doesn’t like the damn thing.

Though I think the biggest issue is how the commercial, more than anything else, really drives home the fact that there’s really no good games for the system this holiday season. Yeah, New Super Mario Bros U is neat and all, but we what we REALLY want is Pikmin 3, which has just been confirmed for next spring.

What else is there? Oh yeah, a bunch of Xbox 360 games that came out last year. Thanks, but no thanks.

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