This Game Tank Kickstarter is top to bottom bizarre

Don’t you hate it when you’re just trying to enjoy a video game, and some guy crawls out from behind your couch, throws a beer can at your head, and starts yelling gibberish? Wait, that’s never happened to you either?

The thing about Kickstarter is how they help provide a solution for a problem that we all have. But then you have ones that are clearly about a random person and his oddball plight, and how he wants everyone to chip in to help fix things. Like the guy (and his friend) who wants to build the Game Tank…

First off, and not to state the obvious, but what genuinely strange video huh. Also, I get it; distractions suck. I thank God everyday that I don’t have to deal with a roommate. But if I couldn’t afford to live by myself, then I also probably wouldn’t be able to afford the Game Tank either, which costs $2,500.

They need $15,000 to make their dream happen, but with only a week to go, and just $117 in the pot, it’s not looking good. Which is shame, since the $10 reward sounds tempting: “A funny picture signed by the authors, it’s a surprise!”

Hopefully they have a back-up plan if the Kickstarter falls through. Like selling all those Lord Of The Rings replica swords, that’s a start.