The humble coathanger gets a Moebius strip redesign

by 6 years ago

If you’re a guy, you own belts and ties, stuff you need to put in your closet, but very, very much wants to fall off your hangers into a crumpled heap on the floor.

Dan Hoolihan

Dan Hoolihan

There are many solutions to this, but this Moebius strip hanger might be the most elegant solution.

Made of twisted plywood, it does look a bit like a Photoshop joke, but it’s very real. What the creator, Dan Hoolihan, did was simply twist 1.5 millimeter plywood, which is a surprisingly flexible material, into a Moebius strip shape, finish it, and add a hook from a busted traditional hanger.

The twist gives it a natural shape to lay ties, scarves, or belts over, so they’re more secure. It also has the distinct advantage of being incredibly neat, even if it is stuffed in your closet.

Considering that most closet organizers are either A) aimed squarely at women or B) cheap plastic pieces of crap, it’s great to see a designer making something you can use to organize with a little class. You can buy them direct from Hoolihan on Etsy.

Hwoarang Hanger [Etsy]

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