The iBell, because your iPhone needed an actual, physical bell

by 6 years ago

There are three groups of people who think having a giant chunky ’70s phone headset or some other seemingly analog product plugged into your smartphone: Hipsters, the Japanese, and Japanese hipsters. One of the latter two groups invented the iBell, an accessory that gives your iPhone an actual, physical bell to ring to wake you up.



To be fair, most smartphone alarms have all the grace and gentle wakefulness of an air horn. I admit I can see the appeal of a bell. Still, it is kind of ridiculous.

It is, at least, fairly straightforward. You get either the MiniBell or the iBell dock, although it’s really more personal preference than anything else since they both cost $38 before shipping. Then run the app that makes your phone capable of tripping the bells, which is supposedly “self-explanatory” despite being in Japanese, plug in your bells, set your alarm, and drift off into blissful sleep.

Then the iBell wakes you up. Which is all it does: There’s no other functionality whatsoever built into this thing, although the iBell dock will charge your phone. But, hey, at least you’re no longer waking up to a shrill tweeting.

iBell [Japan Trend Shop]

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