The joys and perils of an automatic sensor trashcan

In this video we see the culmination of several days’ intrigue, throughout which a father becomes increasingly entertained by the automatic sensors on his trash cans.

Such genuine joy flowing out of papa dukes here as he watches his spaced aged trash cans go back and forth, back and forth, each time one closes/opens it triggers the opposite response from the other machine….we’re just here, forever, stuck in a hilarious loop of automatic trashcan entertainment. This guys, this is a world I’m okay with living in.

My only question here though is whether or not these automatic sensor trashcans are a common household item? I don’t own one, none of my friend do, and neither does anyone in my family. Are we all simply behind the times or this some badass new product we should know about? Anyone have the answer for me?


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SOURCE: Reddit/r/videos