The March Smashedness Champion has been crowned!

by 7 years ago

After a month of March Smashedness, our 64 teams have been whittled down to just one. The tournament has revealed a considerable amount about our readers and their preferences, and I have to say that I’m impressed with all of you. So who took the crown as best drink in 2012?

Congrats to the Shot of Whiskey! After a long and treacherous road, it has taken its place as the top drink of 2012. Readers cited its simplicity, ease of access, and every guy nature has reasons behind its success.

I’ll admit that I underrated the shot from the get go. I thought that there were very few of us out there who were more than content with just whiskey when it came to ordering shots. It’s nice to know I’m not alone in my love for a couple quick ounces of liquid heaven. Not to say I didn’t respect all of you before, but you’ve really proven yourselves with this tourney. I appreciate all your input along the way; you made for a much better voting community than any of the random people I surveyed at the bar!

This is the first song that comes to mind when thinking specifically of a shot of whiskey. Enjoy…

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