The only butt-chuggin’ song you’ll ever need to hear

by 6 years ago

Butt-chuggin’ is all the rage right now, so it seems fitting that a song be written about it. To call this jam genius would be like calling Kate Upton cute. It doesn’t even begin to describe the greatness.

“It’s the frat house drinking craze that’s sweeping the nation, while turning the idea of high speed alcohol ingestion upside down. As the song implores, grab a rubber tube and a box of wine, and have yourself a party where the sun don’t shine.”

We’ve all heard the story about the Tennessee butt-chugger and the subsequent hilarious press conference. This song from Dag Juhlin & S.R. Dahl of the Steve Dahl Show takes the obscure drinking habits of Rocky Top frat boys to a whole new level. The linguistic excellence is off the chart, with 4 solid colon puns coming in the first verse alone.

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