The origins of revolutionary beer Sam Adams Utopias

by 8 years ago

Sam Adams Utopias have hit their 10 year anniversary, and founder Jim Koch is taking a look at where this beer has it’s revolutionary beginnings. This video is a must watch for any craft beer lover.

The nation’s largest craft brewer constantly has to defend itself against obnoxious beer drinkers wanting to strip them of the “craft” distinction. While they certainly don’t need Utopias to prove themselves worthy, it really does stand as a giant “f’ you” stamp of approval. It stretches the very brewing process to its limits, and then pushes a little harder.

A commenter on the post regarding the world’s strongest beer, Armageddon, suggested that it didn’t actual count because it wasn’t naturally fermented. Utopias, on the other hand, are just that. They use a champagne yeast to get the alcohol content up while still maintaining the integrity of the process. They then age in barrels to make the resulting beer actually drinkable. If that last technique sounds familiar, it’s because more than a handful of breweries are aging beer these days. Yeah, that “revolutionary” description isn’t just lip service.

Sam Adams

Sam Adams

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