The Thor-Stand means you can use a ladder on a sloping hill

by 7 years ago

Every guy, at some point, will discover himself faced with two problems: one, he needs to get up somewhere really high. That’s fine, he’s a man, and at some point in his life, every man, no matter how wimpy, no matter how clumsy, buys and owns a ladder.

Thor-StandThe second problem is that where you need to use this ladder is a sloping hill, angled driveway, or some other area basically designed to kill anybody dumb enough to set up a ladder on it. Which is where the Thor-Stand comes in.

This is actually pretty brilliant; the Thor-Stand clamps to your ladder in about thirty seconds. You angle it to match the slope of the ground, keeping your ladder even using a bubble level built into the stand. Lock it into place and you’re ready to do some climbing.

The best part of the design is that the feet sit flush with the ground, and the base of the ladder is broadened out by the stand. In other words, it makes the ladder a lot safer to use.

How much will safety run you? At least $320, but realistically speaking, if you’re in for $320, you might as well buy the professional version, which will run you $329.

Thor-Stand Puts Ladders on Even Ground [Gizmag]

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