The Tigers celebration caused a ‘Jeopardy’ blooper in Detroit

by 6 years ago

At approximately 7:40 pm Thursday night, the Detroit Tigers defeated the New York Yankees and advanced to the World Series. During that time, WDIV local 4 in Detroit aired a new episode of Jeopardy. They chose not to interrupt the broadcast with their patented ‘Breaking News.’ Meanwhile, members of their production staff partied hard, drank champagne and celebrated in the streets.

No one was left behind to monitor what was going on with Jeopardy—which brings us to this hilarious blooper.

Jeopardy blooper


Going into the last commercial break, there was a Meredith, a Glenn and an Erin. A white man sandwiched by two white women.
After the commercial break, there was a black man, an Asian man and a white woman.

A hell of a transformation, even for the most skilled plastic surgeons.

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