The Ubi: A smartphone you plug into the wall

by 7 years ago

Every nerd, secretly or not, aspires to make the world more like Star Trek. We can’t help it. It’s just all the stuff on Star Trek is so incredibly neat. Admit it, you want a computer where you just ask it a question and it spits out the answer. No typing, nothing.

Now, there might actually be one on the way.

It’s called the Ubi, and it’s pretty neat:

The Ubi is powered by Android and packed with sensors. Most important are the omnidirectional microphone and speakers, which let you make calls, stream music, and get the answers to basic questions hands-free. They call it an “ubiquitous computer” but at $200 a pop it’s more like “the kind of neat and useful computer you have in one room of your house” or more like “the smartphone you plug into the wall”. The only thing it’s missing is a cellular connection: it handles all connectivity tasks via WiFi.

There are some parts I don’t like. It doesn’t have a battery backup, so if the power goes out, you’ll be back to zero. And it’ll eat up a place on any outlet you’re using it on. But I’m assuming in-wall units are the next step for the product; it won’t be long before Ubi lives up to its name.

The Ubi [Kickstarter]

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