‘The View’ interviewed Duke adult film star Belle Knox; this is the only clip they could show from her movies

by 5 years ago

By now you’ve heard the story of Belle Knox, the Duke freshman paying for her tuition by working in porn. Yesterday, Knox appeared on The View to talk about her work, why she was outed, how much she was getting paid. Because it was daytime television, The View could only show brief clips from her porno—and of course, it had to be safe for work.

Belle Knox

So this it what viewers got: Belle Knox on a bike, enjoying life in daisy dukes and a sports bra—with some guy creepily tagging along in the back. Then they looped the same scene, over and over.

If you’re a kid watching at home (and why wouldn’t you be watching The View), Belle Knox looks like some sweet innocent girl on a bike ride who was carried away by a stalker and stripped down. Kind of unpleasant really.

They’d been better off showing her massage-turned-sex video, or that one on the casting couch, or that other one where she has crotchless yoga pants and gets bent over a table and NO, I did not spend my whole morning doing “research” you guys. Leave me alone.

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