The WTF: The Wrench That Fits, on your keychain

I’m a big fan of keychain tools, for several reasons. One, they’re generally clever pieces of engineering that pack a set of tools into one form factor. And two, more often than not, the exact moment you need something like a wrench or pry-bar is usually far, far away from any toolbox you may own.

Tactical Keychains

Tactical Keychains

Which is why the WTF, the Wrench that Fits, is such a neat keychain gadget.

About three inches long and an inch thick at its widest point, it comes in two metals, aluminum for very light duty and titanium if you think you’re going to use this as a for-serious wrench. It’s also one piece of metal: The middle of the WTF is a jagged cut-out. Just pop the WTF over the bolt and slide it until it’s snug. Then twist.

It also has a small ruler on each side, as well as a built-in pry bar on one end for, well, pretty much any purpose you could imagine. Even better is that you can also get a large version of this, meaning fiddling with wrench adjustments can be a thing of the past everywhere you go. Want one? The titanium model is currently $30.

Wrench That Fits [Kickstarter]