There might be more ‘Twilight’ movies

by 6 years ago

Summit Entertainment

Even though there aren’t more books. Because we deserve nothing but the worst, people. The Twilight franchise has made a disgusting amount of money in the last decade, but that train is scheduled to come to an end with the release of Breaking Dawn Part 2 on November 16th. This is obviously unacceptable to Hollywood, who need to make all the money forever, so some plans are being made. Dark, unsavory plans.

Some outlets are reporting that Summit Entertainment, which owns the rights to the series for film and TV, wants to keep things going a bit with sequels that could be either movies or TV shows.

Obviously, these sequels won’t feature series stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, who have both moved on from the roles that made them millionaires, but they could be a real bounty for the supporting cast. Some of the speculation that’s arising says that the new stuff could be either a prequel to the story or just a spin-off, with the pack of werewolves from the films rumored to be the focal point. Because Teen Wolf isn’t already on TV. It’s also possible that they’d move forward in the timeline to deal with Renesmee, Edward and Bella’s daughter. Author Stephenie Meyer has stated in interviews that any future Twilight books would probably be told from her perspective anyways.

Twilight has to burn out sooner or later, right? All the tweens who discovered their sexuality reading the books have moved on to Fifty Shades Of Grey by now, so it has to be diminishing returns from here on out. Is there a market for more of this junk, or are they trying to get blood from a stone?

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