At least one guy hates the Wii U, and he is quite large

by 6 years ago

As noted a few days ago, the Wii U looks to have a fairly bright future, at least early on. But there’s still one person who could care less about Nintendo’s latest, and his name is Francis.

Which, as noted in the past, is the alter ego of the rotund YouTube superstar who goes by boogie2988. To be honest, it’s not as strong as his last video; the beginning, aside from being not very funny, treads vaguely racist territory.

But there’s still some decent one-liners (“I squeeze my asshole to jump!”) and points made (yeah, the hard drive size is anemic and the fact that the vast majority of games are last year’s is beyond shameful).

The ending’s also fairly spot on, as expected: we all know that those who are the most vocal about how much crap the Wii U supposed is are also the ones who will definitely get the system (plus in the same exact, defeated manner).

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