These two teens playing Jason Mraz are way ahead of the game

by 6 years ago

Meet Myles and Kolton. They’re just two young dudes playing Jason Mraz song “I Won’t Give Up.” Somewhere, some age-inappropriate Victoria’s Secret drawers are dropping.

Seriously, these kids are on some next-level girl getting skills. They’re probably like 13 years old but they’ve turned the game on its head. They didn’t even need to get the hundreds of thousands of teenage girl who’ll see this video back to their house to play their soulful musical stylings. Instead, all the girls have seen it and they’ll be like “OMG THOSE TWO DUDES THAT MADE ME SWOON ON THE INTERNET” and these kids can bypass awkward teen macking and have all the leverage. So much respect and jealousy and respect but mostly jealousy here. (via The Daily What)


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