7 things that can help start a relationship

by 7 years ago
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how to start a relationship

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Sometimes you're strolling along through life having some hook-ups here and some dates there and then all of a sudden *BAM!*, relationship! How did that happen? You weren't looking for one and yet here you are, committed one lady deep. Let's take a look at some of the things that begin relationships.

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Sometimes a guy and girl click in the bedroom so well that they think they've found their soul mate. Let me just help you out though...start off by pronouncing soul mate like this: "fuck buddy." Great sex lays a good foundation, but you're going to need a hell of a lot more than that for a relationship that works.

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At work it's possible for two people get along so well that they become infatuated, especially since they only see each other in a professional setting where all that attraction has to be suppressed. Then, one day you're seeing each other outside of work and you say, "Hey, wouldn't it be fun to have a super secret sexy office romance?" The answer is no. No, it would not.

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Once in a while, a close, guy-girl friendship will get closer to the point that all of a sudden you're inside each other. But turning a friendship into a "fuckship" isn't all puppies and rainbows, it can be a tough adjustment and the odds are that your relationship won't turn out exactly how you thought it would, for better or worse.

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Near Death

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Near-death experiences, and other shared life-changing events bring people close together. Romantic ideas for a fast-track to love date? Play tether ball with a lightning rod during a storm, re-enact a level of Frogger across an eight-lane highway or hop into the bear den at the zoo together.

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psutlt, Flickr

Sometimes people get tired of the dating game, so they take a look at what they have and say, "Yep, this is good enough." If these people get married, then they're probably going to get divorced too. Then, all they'll be settling is their legal disputes, hey-oooo! The moral of the story; never settle (unless you're well into your 40's, in which case you should have settled a while ago.)

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rprathap, Flickr

Just like settling, sometimes being lonely is all it takes to overlook your incompatibility with someone and decide they're all you really need. Don't let yourself sink that low. Instead, spend time with friends and family, get a dog or have a standing date with a prostitute (and afterward, your urologist). Anything but loneliness.

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Status GF

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If you're dating someone so hot and obviously out of your league that you can't possibly allow them to slip through your fingers, you're probably going to try to get them into a relationship with you. They know they can do better and they're happy to keep you working for it (which you're just as happy to do so you can stay in their wonderful better-than-you aura). This is the type of relationship that's brimming with resentment, but could still somehow last a lifetime. How romantic.

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